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Friday, March 4, 2016

>>>>Brazil Recession<<<<

# The mexican peso was devalued more 15% in few months and more than 35% in less than one year and "I've never seen anything like that" before. The recession is not a unfortunate privilege of Brazil,  it is global. The middle class crisis is happening also in several countries around the world, including USA.(carmen ayala)

#South africa is in a similiar situation 'unofficial' recession, corrupt and incompetent politicians and a big gap between the have and have nots ..the thing with socialism to be effective you have a competitive economy I.e you cant multiply weath by dividing it. Big problem here is consumerism buying a new phone every year we dont need with money we dont have, in Germany they dont even have credit card facilities in some stores - Credit cards keep you paying back for life. (rafael pio)

#We need to start addressing political corruption. To do that, you not only need to start getting politically active, you need to STAY politically active. Democracy only works if you actually get out and vote (hunter ludwig).

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