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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

di, Kita akan Me-RISET Implementasi Analisis Sektor Non Riil ke Sektor Riil. Ini Tantangan terberat!


* MEDIA RISET TERAPAN dari hasil riset yang dikombinasikan dengan RISET SEKTOR NON RIIL LAINNYA, untuk diterapkan di SEKTOR RIIL. 

Gunanya adalah untuk MENGAMBIL KEPUTUSAN/ KEBIJAKAN YANG TEPAT di SEKTOR RIIL sehubungan dengan prediksi arah mata uang dan sektor non riil lainnya DALAM RANGKA MENGHADAPI EKONOMI GLOBAL.


* Catatan:

1). SEKTOR RIIL      
produk yang lebih terlihat secara “fisik”, misalkan sektor produksi, property, dan lain-lain.

(sumber gambar dari internet sebagai ilustrasi)

produk-produk pasar keuangan dan turunannya yang lebih “tidak terlihat” secara fisik

(Sumber definisi sektor riil dan non riil

Riset Model yang tepat untuk Komposisi Keseimbangan Sektor Riil dan Sektor Non Riil.

Akselerasi riset fundamental vs teknikal sangat diperlukan demi mencari model yang tepat untuk komposisi keseimbangan sektor riil dan sektor non riil.

Untuk itu, diperlukan pembagian tugas antara dengan

fundamental vs technical researcher

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jika Riset Diagonal XYZ berhasil Menempatkan 5 Entri Berturut-turut di Sesi Market Eropa sore ini?

Momentum sesi Market Eropa sore ini bisa digunakan untuk menguji Teori Diagonal XYZ. Teori ini adalah salah satu Riset Fundamental vs Technical yang dilakukan selama ini.
fundamental vs technical researcher

PBOC's Huang says there's smaller room for Chinese interest rate cuts this year

People's Bank of China adviser out with a few thoughts.

room for cuts limited as rate is close to CPIroom for RRR cut smaller than prev 2 yearsyuan depreciation pressure curbs PBOC room for looseningyuan depreciation pressure shows forex system inflexible

Another central bank running out of interest rate cut ammunition. (by Mike Paterson)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Beginilah Jika Ketahanan Sektor Riil Negara bila ditunjang dengan Ketahanan Sektor Non Riil!

Meriset pergerakan nilai mata uang, terutama rupiah terhadap mata uang lainnya adalah kunci stabilitias nasional.

Jika kita bisa meriset, mem-PREDIKSI secara LOGIKA MATEMATIS, maka imbas faktor-faktor fundamental global dan internal terhadap dampak negatif perekonomian nasional akan bisa diminimalisir.
Dengan riset menyeluruh kita bisa mengetahui kapan waktu yang tepat saat ekspor/ impor dan mengambil kebijakan yang tepat untuk menjaga perekonomian nasional.

>>>>itulah KUNCI DARI RISET INI<<<<<<<

fundamental vs technical researcher

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Riset Resultan XYZ, kunci Riset Friday Nightmares Malam ini!

Perhitungkan Resultan XYZ dari News dan Teknikal saat Penutupan Market jumat ini maka Anda akan dapat meriset arah pergerakan market global > Friday Nightmares, No problem!
Analisis Riset Sesi Penutupan Market, NICE CLOSING SELL!

fundamental vs technical researcher

Friday, March 11, 2016

FTR>Bank of Japan introduced Negative Interest Rate to the Banks

Quantity Monetary Easing has already reached to the limit. Bank of Japan introduced negative interest rate to the banks. Dispite that the monetary easing or a credit expansion wouldn't seem to work. Need more in Japanese economy is tax reduction (Yasuthosi Ikeshiro)

Fundamental vs Technical Researcher

Analysing the ECB Agenda> EuroUSD Shoot 1.1178 after ECB cutting rates!

>>>Learn about ECB Agenda before till now: <<<<
Analysing the ECB agenda and what has been done:
1. Combat persistently low inflation --> Failed.
The classic approach QE failed for three consecutive years to reach the declared 2% of inflation -after 4.5 trillions stimulus issued, 1.5 last year.
The price of the commodities dropped and this contributed to drive the inflation fell to a 10-month low of 0.7% concerning investors.

2. Without undermining the region's fragile banks and growth --> Failed.
Cutting interest rates means to cut also bank's main source of revenues as happened in Japan.
As consequence the european banks stocks have been declining at a constant pace.
On the other side the Cocos issued by local banks have not proved to be successful as investors are scared to burned their funds (<Instead of bailing out the banks if they fail, coco investors will "bail in" and Deutsche's cocos have tumbled>cit. The Telegraph).

What is planning now the ECB:
- Another stimulus program --> sounds controversial
- Increase in its corporate bond repurchase program at least €10 billion a month to reach
€70billion --> injecting money to the market has already proved its scarce effects in relaunching the economy in the medium term
- cut the deposit rate by 0.1% point (to -0,4)
Until today these measures have not met the expected result       undermining the investor's faith and creating a climate of fear.

I believe the european market needs structural and political reforms tailored to those countries with economic imbalances, vulnerable financial sector and scarce competitiveness.
Less lobbies (including Bruxelles) and more smart work:)          Arguably the ideology and attitude towards work cannot be fully improved in one economic cycle and the south european countries are proving this year after year. (Giulio Sartori)

Minyak Melejit ke 39.14 Pagi Ini!

Penguatan ini  seiring Optimisme Big Plan USA, diawali European Central Bank (ECB) dengan cutting interest rates nya. Firing a bazooka refers to the how aggressive their policy is right now in terms of traditional approaches to combatting low inflation, ditunjang dengan penguatan produksi manufacturing global.

Fundamental vs Technical Researcher

Monday, March 7, 2016

FTR: Oil pun Mengikuti Skenario Volatile!

Setelah mengalami kenaikan, minyak akhirnya menuju skenario volatile.


Fundamental vs Technical RESEARCH (FTR): Minyak Melejit ke $37.36 per barel Pagi ini!

Harga minyak terpantau naik pagi ini, disusul optimisme market atas pertumbuhan ekonomi Amerika Serikat.

Wall Street indeks yang membaik ditambah dengan Data Tenaga Kerja yang juga membaik, maka diprediksi harga minyak masih bersifat volatile.

Fundamental vs Technical Researcher

The Wall Street Journal: Hillary Clinton spoke at a fundraiser in Detroit Saturday after winning the Louisiana primary

Topics: Hillary Clinton spoke at a fundraiser in Detroit Saturday after winning the Louisiana primary, saying that contrary to Donald Trump's claim, "America never stopped being great." (The Wall Street Journal)

# America never stopped being great? Where have all the good paying jobs gone? Bill Clinton was the Butcher of American Jobs when he signed NAFTA! What is Hillary Clinton going to do, seal the fate of what is left of manufacturing in the United States of America? (Maine For Restoring America)

# Actually, one has to suspect that this is only part of what she said. It is quite likely that the entire sentence was " I will make America a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman-Sachs (Stephen Lee Rich)

# Forgen the socialist dems, but we are still better off than most of the rest of the world tho...We're better off than Russia_Trump's biggest endorsement fromm what Trump calls Putin "a genius" while the rest of us are *Stupid & the draft dodger insults McCain's sacrifices $ says our military is weak while he can't even give the veterans the rest of their charity money..WE WIN MORE THAN RUSSIA, Mr. Chump!!!! (Slim Bowman)

Friday, March 4, 2016

>>>>Brazil Recession<<<<

# The mexican peso was devalued more 15% in few months and more than 35% in less than one year and "I've never seen anything like that" before. The recession is not a unfortunate privilege of Brazil,  it is global. The middle class crisis is happening also in several countries around the world, including USA.(carmen ayala)

#South africa is in a similiar situation 'unofficial' recession, corrupt and incompetent politicians and a big gap between the have and have nots ..the thing with socialism to be effective you have a competitive economy I.e you cant multiply weath by dividing it. Big problem here is consumerism buying a new phone every year we dont need with money we dont have, in Germany they dont even have credit card facilities in some stores - Credit cards keep you paying back for life. (rafael pio)

#We need to start addressing political corruption. To do that, you not only need to start getting politically active, you need to STAY politically active. Democracy only works if you actually get out and vote (hunter ludwig).

News vs Technical Researcher